Dr. Mark Armbruster D.C. of the Denver Vitality Center in Lakewood, CO has been practicing the art of mind/body healing since 1987. His training, background, and experience in sports medicine provide his patients with a very personal and effective approach to treating sports injuries.

Sports Medicine Q&A

Why Chiropractic Sports Medicine Important?

Participants in highly competitive sports such as soccer, football, and gymnastics, are more prone to injury, but no sport is a truly “safe” sport. Non-contact sports such as tennis and golf produce many more injuries that require a doctor in the U.S. than most contact sports.

Sports that entail repetitive impact such as tennis and running expose participants to a high risk for lower back injuries. As high as 20 percent of all sports injuries involve the lower back or neck which are most often best treated with chiropractic therapy.

Contact sports such as soccer and football make the potential of injury to the cervical spine and neck very real potential problem. More than one-third of high school football players sustain some type of injury annually. People who participate in soccer are susceptible to both mild and serious head trauma, dizziness, headache, head traumas, neck pain and injury, and cervical spine damage. The trampoline and gymnastics also increase the risk of spinal cord injuries that result from falls or contact with hard surfaces.

What Are Some Common Sports Injuries?

  • Achilles tendonitis – Though often the least treated, this is the most common recreational sports injury. A small percentage of Achilles’ tendons prove to be ruptured and require the care of an orthopedic doctor but the majority of Achilles injuries can be rehabilitated through sports injury treatment.
  • Shin splints – An injury to the lower leg and shin splints often prevent a person from walking and running. Shin splints are often treated successfully with chiropractic therapy.
  • Herniated disc – Spinal decompression is a generally successful therapy that corrects resulting pain. This procedure works by slowly expanding the distance between vertebrae, thus creating negative pressure that allows the disc material to be drawn back. The resulting increased blood flow enables healing and restores the disc without the need of surgery.

Does Chiropractic Sports Medicine Help With Neck Pain?

Neck pain is one the most common complaints from those involved in sports. Some of the treatments provided for neck pain include physical therapy,traction, massage, and chiropractic care.

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