Shin splints can cause some serious pain, and they can even interfere with day to day activities if they become severe. At Denver Vitality Center in Lakewood and Denver, Colorado, Dr. Mark Armbruster treats shin splints effectively while working to reduce the chance of any future re-injury. Relief can be rapid and dramatic with the help of the right chiropractic adjustments and pressure wave therapy.

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Shin Splints Q & A

What is a shin splint?

A shin splint is pain that’s concentrated along your shin bone. The pain can be anywhere (or everywhere) between your knee and your ankle. Although it’s often thought of as a problem suffered by only runners or joggers, shin splints can happen to anyone. They may occur after long walks, after repeatedly going up and down stairs, or even after horseplay.

Are shin splints chronic?

In some cases, rest and abstaining from the activity that triggered the shin splints is enough to solve the problem. However, in many cases, the pain continues even after stopping the triggering movements and becomes a chronic problem. The best way to avoid chronic shin splints is to seek treatment as soon as the pain starts.

How can you prevent shin splints in the future?

Regular chiropractic care is beneficial in maintaining a strong and healthy body, which helps many avoid shin splints in the future.


Other strategies to help prevent shin splints can include:

  • Always warm up before you exercise
  • Avoid running on hard surfaces when possible
  • Choose the right type of athletic shoes for your sport
  • If you’re in pain, rest rather than pushing yourself to exercise

How can chiropractic care help with shin splints?

Chiropractic care at Denver Vitality Center utilizes a three-prong approach:


  • Alleviating pain
  • Helping the body heal
  • Preventing shin splints from occuring again in the future


To accomplish these goals, treatment starts with pain relief. This may take the form of chiropractic adjustments, pressure wave therapy, or both.


Dr. Armbruster performs chiropractic adjustments to help gently stretch specific muscles, which allows for better blood flow and faster healing.


Pressure wave therapy helps the bones and soft tissues apply their own regenerative and reparative abilities in the most effective way possible. The treatment is entirely non-invasive and is FDA cleared.


Treatment may also include specially prescribed exercises. You can do these strengthening exercises at home every day to help reduce the chance of shin splints in the future.


Suffering from the misery of shin splints? You don’t have to live with this pain any longer. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Armbruster at Denver Vitality Center online or call (303) 242-8089 now to get relief fast.