Candace Pert. Ph. D., Nobel Laureate, Professor of Research and Brain Biochemistry at Georgetown University

Network Spinal Analysis represents the epitome of body work; it is at the leading of body/mind/spirit integration. This work will transform the planet.

Louise P.

Submitted 10/16/19

Mark you treated me in Durban SA, your treatment was a Godsend. Your treatment works, I came to you with Chronic fatigue syndrome. Your understanding of the energy of body is phenomenal, what you able to see just by working on my back’s energy points is phenomenal. You helped me heal back to normal. I have never forgotten you…even though now you live on the other side of the world. Sending regards

Ardythe P.

Submitted 11/09/18

I am very grateful for the services provided by Dr. Mark at Denver Vitality Center. The benefits I have received- and continue to receive- through Network Spinal Anaiysis have been invaluable to me.

Samy M.

Submitted 05/15/18

The experience with Dr. Mark and Denver Vitality is the perfect blend of casual, comfortable and calming. And the transformations that take place in my body far exceeded my expectations. After lots of different treatments and explored options, this one remains one of the most positively influential! Network chiropractic work has brought many things to the surface I’ve needed to address in my health and well-being, and I couldn’t be more grateful for Dr. Mark’s expertise, gentleness, kindness and ability to shift things from the inside-out in a sustainable way!

Dan M.

Submitted 02/09/18

I first started seeing Dr. Mark after throwing out my back during a workout. Being in my early 30’s I was devastated that I was having back issues that early. I had known about Dr. Mark thru a yoga studio I was practicing at and heard really good things about him. I was in so much pain that I literally had to use a cane to walk into his office. After 1 session he was able to stabilize my pain and adjust me (doing so without pain) so that I was able to walk out on my own 2 feet! I listened to his recommendations and continued to see him regularly until my back was feeling normal and the scan was showing it was re-aligned. I’ve been a regular patient on and off for the past 8 years and Dr. Mark has been able to focus on different areas of my neck and spine to help bring me back to health and maintain proper alignment. Dr. Mark’s work is much different than the average chiropractor as his adjustments are totally pain free (no hard jolts, pulls or yanks). Additionally, I’ve experienced a deeper healing thru Network Chiropractic. I’ve suffered from anxiety & depression for years and it’s helped shift my mood for the better. It was a big realization to learn that the human body holds onto emotions as well as psychological trauma and a lot of it is held along the neck & spine. Dr. Mark has helped release some old stuck energy in my body to help allow me to live a more happy joyful life. Dr. Mark is a magic man! As a manual therapist who works on the body in a different modality, I refer ALL my clients that have any neck or spine issues to him as I feel confident sending them over and trust that they are in good / safe hands!


Submitted 09/05/17

Life-changing. As a nurse I’ve tried almost everything under the sun to treat my neck/shoulder/back injuries from car accidents. (traditional chiropractic, massage, SURGERY, craniosacral therapy, rolfing, accupuncture, dry needling, reflexology, physical therapy, injections, cupping, traction, ART, prescription pain cream, ibuprofen, muscle relaxers, ice/heat, etc!!!) Within a month of NSA treatments from Dr. Mark the widespread pain became more localized. My adhesions/scar tissue were so resistant he tried Shockwave therapy on them, and after the FIRST treatment I was able to breathe easily and turn my neck to the side without pain. Second treatment I was able to actually enjoy hiking and wearing a backpack again. Third treatment and my chronic pain is nearly gone!! Invest in your body, it’s the only one you get and it can only tolerate so much neglect and abuse before it quits!

Ben K.

Submitted 07/15/17

I’m so excited to begin treatment! Dr. Armbruster really knows what he’s talking about. I was amazed by what he told me.

Brooke W.

Submitted 10/31/16

Dr. Mark is the best!