Frozen shoulder and shoulder pain are both common issues for Lakewood and Denver, Colorado patients. At Denver Vitality Center, chiropractor and specialist Dr. Mark Armbruster focuses on relieving shoulder pain while improving range of motion until normal movement is possible again. All treatments are non-invasive and non-surgical, and patients have enjoyed great success with treatments like chiropractic adjustments and pressure wave therapy.

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Frozen Shoulder and Shoulder Pain Q & A

What is frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is a condition that causes restricted motion in the shoulder joint. As the name implies, when one has frozen shoulder one may feel like the shoulder is completely immobile. Frozen shoulder can cause immobility and pain.

What are the signs of frozen shoulder?

The most common signs of frozen shoulder include:

  • Difficulty moving the shoulder for routine movements
  • Shoulder pain
  • Insomnia due to shoulder pain

How does the chiropractor diagnose shoulder pain problems?

At Denver Vitality Center, chiropractor Dr. Armbruster discusses symptoms first. Although some symptoms may seem to indicate frozen shoulder, it’s important to rule out other pain-causing conditions like a rotator cuff tear. Dr. Armbruster performs a physical exam and may conduct imaging to assist in the diagnosis.

What are the stages of frozen shoulder?

There are three stages of frozen shoulder. In the first stage, a patient may experience pain when making nearly any motion with the shoulder. For example, intense pain can occur when brushing one’s hair. The range of motion also decreases during this stage.


In the second stage of frozen shoulder, the pain may decrease. However, the shoulder will grow progressively stiffer until one is almost unable to move the shoulder at all.


In the last stage of frozen shoulder, there is a type of thawing. The range of motion can improve during this time. However, this period of thawing can take months without treatment. Without treatment, most cases of frozen shoulder can last for years. With treatment, one can reach the thawing stage and find pain relief more quickly.


How is frozen shoulder treated?

Frozen shoulder treatment at Denver Vitality Center focuses on easing pain while helping regain the normal range of motion. Dr. Armbruster performs specific shoulder adjustments and also offers pressure wave therapy.


Pressure wave therapy is a completely non-surgical treatment that sends concentrated sound waves directly into the shoulder. The sound waves generate energy to improve circulation while speeding up the repair of the tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues.


Dr. Armbruster may prescribe special exercises, particularly stretching exercises, to help improve the range of motion even further.


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