Dr. Mark Armbruster D.C. of the Denver Vitality Center in Lakewood, CO has been practicing the art of mind/body healing since 1987. His training, background, and experience provide his patients with a very personal and effective treatment for back pain.

Back Pain Q&A

What Happens During a Consultation for Back Pain?

The consultation is an important first step in finding a drug and surgery free answer for chronic back pain. During that consultation Dr. Armbruster asks a patient questions about his or her personal and family health history and performs a physical examination, focusing on spinal health. Often times, other tests such as x-rays are scheduled.

What Is a Spinal Adjustment?

The most common step taken after the initial consultation is a chiropractic procedure called a spinal adjustment. A spinal adjustment is a drug-free form of healthcare that provides treatment for pain and mobility problems through gentle, manual manipulation of the spine.

Misalignments often occur in the spine as the result of direct injury, repetitive motions, or improper body positions. Chiropractic therapy uses a spinal adjustment to allow the patient’s body to heal itself naturally by restoring proper function to the nervous system.

Why a Spinal Adjustment?

Often times, chronic back pain is a precursor to other health problems if left unchecked. Overall body health and poor bodily function and can be the result of even the slightest misalignment in a patient’s spine. Dr. Mark’s chiropractic care involves an overall treatment plan that ensures a patient’s spine remains in the best condition possible, therefore reducing the likelihood of injury and maintaining overall health at an optimal level without the use of medication or surgery. Dr. Armbruster’s uses state-of-the-art therapy methods to ensure freedom from chronic pain and improvement of health.

What Happens During an Adjustment?

During a typical chiropractic adjustment, a patient is placed in specific positions to treat affected areas. Most often, a patient is positioned faced down on a specially designed, padded table. Dr. Mark uses gentle contacts along the spine to release trapped tension which allows the spine to unwind and self-adjust.

Are There Other Therapies for Back Pain?

Dr. Mark may recommend other treatment approaches in combination with a chiropractic adjustment. These may include:

  • Massage
  • Ice or heat
  • Stretching
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Exercise
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